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Phonegap is a framework for developing mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript for various platform such as android, iOS, windows phone, Ubuntu OS, Firefox OS and more. you can build / run your application for all platforms with changing your code (i’e Single Codebase)


For Learning Phonegap You don’t need any Special skills. but  having a basic knowledge in HTML,JavaScript helps you to quick start. Almost anyone who are interested in developing mobile application for various platform such as android, ios, windows ..etc can take phonegap training.


Phonegap Online Training : We also provide online training for students / professionals through Skype, Google Hangouts (Google +) , Team Viewer and other mediums.

Classroom Training : Now Available @Chennai


Introduction to Mobile Application

  • Introduction
  • Different Mobile Platforms / OS
  • Growth of Mobile Applications
  • Different Mobile Architecture

Native vs. Hybrid Development

  • Learn about different development methods
  • Learn basics knowledge about native development, hybrid development
  • Native Vs. Hybrid Vs. Mobile Web
  • When & Why to choose hybrid or native development
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Introduction to PhoneGap

  • Understanding phonegap basics
  • Understand architecture of phonegap application
  • Learn advantages and disadvantages

Phonegap Environment Setup

  • Learn how to configure your development environment
  • Learn how to build your application without environment configuration
  • Build your application without mac

HTML & CSS & JavaScript

  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • HTML5 tags overview
  • HTML5 for mobile development & it’s advantages
  • JavaScript Overview
  • JQuery

PhoneGap UI Development Training

  • Understanding the importance of User Interface
  • Various UI framework for Phonegap Development
  • Understand Ionic framework onsen UI framework

PhoneGap Events

  • Basics of events
  • learn how to work with phonegap events

Phonegap Native API Training

  • Get Device information using Device API
  • Learn how to work with device movements / motion using Device Motion API
  • Learn how to get GPS position, Learn to work with Google maps api using Geo Location Plugin
  • Learn to get Network information of the user using Network Plugin
  • Learn how to create / clone / list contacts using contacts plugin
  • Learn how to take / capture images using camera plugin
  • Understand different File System for different pltaforms such as android, iOS
  • Learn how to work with Media Plugin
  • Learn how to use Local Storage for Storing your data

Phonegap Third Party plugins

  • Learn how to send and receive Push Notification using Push Plugin (GCM)
  • Learn different ads type for ad integration using admob plugin
  • Learn how to share your content / image to social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter using Social Sharing plugin

Working with Remote Server or Remote Database

  • Introduction to PHP & MySQL
  • CRUD operations with PHP & MYSQL
  • Learn how to create JSON and XML data
  • Accessing Remote Server Data from you Phonegap

PhoneGap Application Signing & Publishing

  • Create PlayStore & AppStore Account
  • Learn how to prepare your application for submission
  • Learn how to publish your application with playStore and AppStore.
  • Design Guidelines for apple
  • Getting Approval from App Store



  • Learn how to integrate Google Analytics for analyse your user for feature improvements
  • Learn how to login with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media using OAuth plugin
  • Integrate Payment GateWay
  • Working With WordPress
  • Learn how to make money with phonegap application


Fee Structure:

Professional Level : 18,000 INR 16,000 INR | $280USD – $250USD

Expert Level : 20,000 INR 18,000 INR | $310USD – $280USD


Phonegap Online Training Reviews (latest)
  • Vasuman, Singapore
  • Raja, Chennai
  • Abdul, UAE


I was very new to phonegap. now I had good understanding in phonegap & i can able to build my own application by using my phonegap skills.