Who Uses PhoneGap | Apache Cordova?

who uses phonegap ?

who uses phonegap ?

Who uses phonegap?

Phonegap is a framework for developing hybrid mobile application using web technologies. here we listed top Companies who uses phonegap / Apache Cordova for their projects.

  • Facebook.com is famous social media website who has billions of users
  • Saleforce.com provides CRM services for major corporate companies. They also using phonegap / apache cordova for their project
  • IBM also uses phonegap framework for their mobile application projects such as worklight
  • Microsoft also involved in phonegap / apache cordova, for developing Windows Phone Projects
  • Adobe has been involved in phonegap project for a long relationship. they also acquired and they setup cloud environment for deploying phonegap application called Phonegap Build
  • Zynga, one of the largest HTML5 game development company
  • Blackberry also involved in phonegap projects
  • Logitech build Logitech Squeezebox Controller using phonegap
  • PayPal is a international payment gateway provider who also using phonegap / apache cordova for their projects

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